Easy Restore for Samsung Smartphones

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More often we're seeing Canadian versions of samsung devices without mobile data or hotspot buttons (quick toggles/drop down tiles). Biggest problem everybody has is it seems too complicated to restore or enable them.


I've created a very simple batch file/script that will easily walk you through the whole process of restoring the mobile data and hotspot buttons automatically, and does all the work for you! No need to script or remember what you need to do. If automatic mode doesn't work, it will restore from backup and allow you to do it manually while giving you the exact commands to type. A backup is automatically created when you attempt to modify your toggles, so you can always restore your original toggles if needed.

Why are the tiles missing?
According to Samsung: "To clarify the #1 response I see posted in here regularly is the carriers have taken it out. That is not accurate. While Samsung has enabled this feature in other regions, in Canada there was a decision to have this feature removed. We have been reviewing the comments and requests to have this added back and have filter the requests back to the R&D team to have this explored further."

Android 10
As of Android 10, the mobile data toggle has been restored in Samsung devices. The Hotspot toggle is still missing, so you will still need this script if you wish to enable the Hotspot toggle.

Works with:

Android 10 (Hotspot only) Android 9 (Pie) Android 8 (Oreo) Android 7 (Nougat)
Galaxy N9/10
Galaxy S9/10/20
Galaxy A 8/20/50/70
Galaxy N 9/10
Galaxy S 8/9/10
Galaxy A 3/5/7/8
Galaxy N 8/9
Galaxy S 6/7/8/9
Galaxy A3/5/7/8
Galaxy N 8
Galaxy S 6/7/8

Note: Just because your Samsung device isn't listed does not mean it may not work. The only requirement is that you're on Android Nougat (7) or above. Samsung devices are mostly configured the same way and this script should work for yours as well. So long as the backup was created, anyone that wants to experiment can try it on their device and have the protection of restoring from backup.

What's the process to restore the tiles?
First part: download Samsung Smart Switch (opens in new window) for your PC and do a backup of your device.

Second part: download my copy of platform-tools (Easy Restore) onto your PC, enable USB Debugging on your device, execute (double-click) "RUNME.bat", and follow the instructions. More details can be found in the Tutorials section.

This script is based off the information provided on XDA by Mishaal Rahman

Every update and security patch undoes this process. You must go through these steps again after every update in order to re-enable the toggles. There's no way to prevent this at the moment.

you can examine the .bat files yourself using notepad to ensure that no malicious code is hidden within. I wouldn't want to spread malicious code! There are already enough horrible people in the world, and this script is designed to help those that need it.


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